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Residence permits at reasonable prices

If you are planning to move to a foreign country, you have to qualify for a residence permit. This document will grant you the right to seek employment, acquire properties, and set up businesses for a certain period of time legally. In other words, it’s a status that will allow you to start all over again.At Our Website, we can help you obtain your permit of residence so that you enjoy an extended stay in the country you want. With us, you can:

choose between temporary and permanent residence permits.

become a citizen of almost any country, including the EU ones and the United States.

make use of all the benefits of permanent residency (in case you apply for this type of the permit).

get a right to reside in a foreign country – no matter what your country of citizenship is.

Residenatl Visa

Please note that not all countries have permanent residency systems. In such a case, your best option would be a status of a temporary resident.

Normally we do not publish client’s documents on our website. However, due to the need of clients for samples to see how our work looks like, we ask clients to send us their picture holding their documents after they receive for testimonial reasons. Most clients refuse. So this is a few we could gather.


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